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Termite Guarantee at Fischer Environmental in Louisiana and Mississippi

There has been no shortage of “miracle” termite control solutions over the years. Ever since the effective–but environmentally unfriendly–treatments were outlawed in the 1980s, manufacturers have been adding more bells and whistles to their existing formulations. Their goal has always been to provide effective control across widely varying soil and structure conditions in which termites thrive.

Some treatments have come with promises that they can’t quite seem to deliver. Others have gone so far as to tell you how to build your home. None have provided the kind of long-term, all sites, comprehensive control that would protect customers from Formosan and native subterranean termites. Many times where a treatment has looked promising, it has failed to provide the magic combination that the customer needs: speed, effectiveness, and long-lasting.

Until the Fischer Termidor® system, that is!

That is why Fischer has chosen to create a specialized termite treatment to protect your home or office. We believe so highly in our technical expertise, specialized treatment methods, and Termidor’s effectiveness that Fischer can offer an unconditional $750,000 repair and replacement guarantee on your home and its contents.

The 100% Effective Fischer Termite Treatment

The ultimate termite control treatment your Fischer certified pest management professional will first talk to you about is your home, and ask about any changes, improvements or additions that you have made to your property, inside as well as out. They’ll also ask about leaks, damage, or other situations which may affect vulnerability to a termite infestation. Next, they’ll conduct a thorough examination of your property, and it’s important you give your permission to thoroughly inspect your property, since termites only need a crack the thickness of a sheet of paper to get through.

The inspection will take place in five main areas: the exterior, the interior, the attic, below-ground areas like basement or crawl spaces, and the outlying storage and garage areas. Once the termites have been located and the extent of their activity is determined, the question of why they are present here will be addressed. Often, moisture plays a big part. If a water or plumbing leak is discovered – or if bad ventilation, faulty grading or other problems are suspected – your Fischer pest management professional will recommend steps to correct them.

Once the inspection is complete, the Fischer application program will begin. Termidor is a liquid, applied with water, and the most effective way of spreading it is through small trenches, dug along the foundation line of your home. Any voids that have been discovered during the inspection are also treated, along with cracks and expansion joints in concrete, partition walls, utility pipe entrances, and exterior wood features like flower boxes.

The entire Fischer application program is typically completed in a day or less. But since there’s no ‘drying’ time and no odor, you’ll likely notice no immediate difference. Within about 3 months, however, your entire treated area will be 100% termite-free. And with Fischer, it’ll stay that way for many years to come.

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