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Presto-X tech applies Termidor termite treatment to Louisiana or Mississippi home.

Termidor has certainly earned its distinction as one of America’s leading termite control products. This safe termite control treatment is considered by many to be the best on the market because it is extremely effective and works long-term.

One of the many reasons why Termidor has had such a high success rate because it can only be applied by trained and certified Termidor termite treatment applicators. Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” has put in the effort necessary to maintain its status as a certified Termidor applicator for Louisiana and Mississippi residents. This means that our highly experienced pest control specialists have completed continuous training courses to know how to get the most effective and safe termite prevention results.

Benefits of Termidor Termite Control

When our professionals apply Termidor termite treatment, it will begin to work in several different ways:

  • The Termidor Zone – The Termidor termite treatment will be carefully applied around the perimeter of the structure. Our pest control professionals know how to build a solid perimeter that will completely barricade your home from future termites. The product binds to the soil, and is virtually odor-free, meaning that inhabitants will hardly notice that it has been applied.
  • Terminating Termites – Termites will be killed when they eat materials that have been treated with Termidor, and even if they come into contact with the product, meaning that any termites that move through the treated areas will be affected.
  • Transfer Effect – When termites come in contact with Termidor termite control, they do not die immediately. This is what creates what is known as the “transfer effect”. The worker termites that touch the treatment then become carriers of the insecticide. These termites will then travel back to their colonies and the Termidor will be transferred from one termite to another, and eventually, the entire colony will perish.
  • Termidor DRY – In some cases, Termidor DRY treatments will need to be applied directly to areas not connected to your home which may have become habitat for the termites. This might include piles of firewood, storage areas, or other wooden structures. The Termidor DRY treatment controls dry wood termites without creating more moisture in the wood.

Why We Use Termidor

Presto-X became a Louisiana & Mississippi Termidor applicator not only because the treatments work, but also because they are safe for you, your family, and your pets. This safe termite control product is applied using a water-based solution, so it excludes harmful chemicals or petroleum bases that could potentially harm nearby plants or contaminate water sources. It also does not contain chemicals that would affect indoor air quality or otherwise put humans or animals at risk. Thanks to our extensive training, our termite control specialists can further explain to you how to best benefit from these superior products safely.

Licensed Termidor Termite Treatment Providers

Whether you already suspect a termite problem or want to protect your property from termites, we can help. With our top-of-the-line safe termite treatments, you can rest assured knowing your property is protected against termites all year long. Contact us today for more info on Termidor!

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