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Armadillo trapping and removal by Fischer Environmental in New Orleans, SE Louisiana & MississippiSome children may be excited to come home one evening and spot an armadillo in their yard, but there’s a good chance their parents won’t share that same excitement. Armadillos can carry disease, wreak havoc on gardens, and are notoriously tough to trap and remove.

Fischer Environmental provides armadillo trapping and removal services throughout Louisiana and Mississippi to safely and effectively remove wildlife that has become a nuisance. We are located in Mandeville LA and serve the entire metro New Orleans area, including St. Tammany, Orleans, Jefferson & Tangipahoa Parishes. We also serve the Mississippi Gulf Coast, including Hancock & Harrison County MS.

Why Worry About an Armadillo Problem?

Generally speaking, armadillos do not pose any significant health risks to humans. In some cases, they have been linked to transmitting leprosy in humans, but otherwise are not known for carrying diseases, unlike many other types of Louisiana wildlife. They are also not aggressive animals and tend to avoid contact with humans, coming out of their dens primarily at dusk or dawn.

So, why is it important to remove and trap armadillos when they are found on your property? Armadillos primarily cause problems for property owners through damage to gardens and the holes that they dig when looking for food or building their dens.

An armadillo can cause serious structural and drainage problems for your home or building if it decides to create a den under the foundation. Depending upon the size of the armadillo, and the entire armadillo family, the den could extend as long as 15 or more feet below your house. This creates openings for additional pests, could allow for water to pool under your building, and could weaken the structural integrity of your home.

Many of our clients call for armadillo trapping and removal in Louisiana and Mississippi because they are tired of the damage to their gardens or the many deep holes created throughout their yard. Armadillos dig deep openings as they search for ants, grubs and other insects. They can also be very irritating nuisances if you attempt to maintain a garden at your home.

Should I Build a Fence to Keep Armadillos Out?

A fence may deter armadillos from coming into your yard, but if they want into your space, this is definitely not going to stop them. Armadillos are built for digging, and can easily burrow right under the expensive fence that you have installed. If you have seen armadillos on your property, there is also a good chance that you already have a den nearby.

Professional Trapping & Removal

The best way to remove armadillos from your property, and prevent them from returning, is to call Fischer Environmental. Our team will utilize armadillo traps to safely and humanely remove the armadillos. We have the training and the equipment necessary to efficiently remove your existing armadillo problem.

After trapping and removing the armadillos, our pest control experts can assess your property and determine the best methods to prevent armadillos from returning in the future. This is known as wildlife inclusion and includes locating any dens or places where it would be easy for an armadillo to burrow, and making these areas less appealing to the animals. We know what armadillos look for in a new home, and we can help you identify and block potential den areas.

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed

If you find that armadillos continue to intrude onto your property after Fischer Environmental has provided trapping, removal and prevention services, we will return and address any new problems until you are completely satisfied. Our goal is to provide wildlife control solutions that will deliver reliable long-term results.
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