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Raccoon trapping and removal in New Orleans, SE Louisiana & Mississippi by Fischer EnvironmentalRaccoons are very resourceful scavengers. They are perhaps most well known for tipping over trash cans in search of food. These critters are common throughout Louisiana & Mississippi, and if you’ve provided the right conditions, they can also intrude into your home.

Fischer Environmental provides raccoon trapping and removal services throughout Louisiana and Mississippi to safely and effectively remove wildlife that has become a nuisance. We are located in Mandeville LA and serve the entire metro New Orleans area, including St. Tammany, Orleans, Jefferson & Tangipahoa Parishes. We also serve the Mississippi Gulf Coast including Hancock & Harrison County MS.

The Importance of Solving Raccoon Problems Quickly

Raccoons may seem like harmless creatures, but they can cause a multitude of problems for you, especially if they are able to enter your building.

It may surprise you how easily a raccoon can break into your house or commercial property and settle in. They do this by creating or taking advantage of holes in your siding or any other weak points in the structure of your walls or roof. While providing raccoon removal services in Louisiana & Mississippi, we have found that raccoons will nest in your attic, under the eaves of your rooftop, or in the top of your chimney.

Health Hazards Caused By Raccoons

In nature, raccoons tend to avoid having any contact with humans and pose little threat. However, a raccoon that is trapped in your house can quickly become aggressive, especially if it feels cornered or if it is protecting its offspring.

Whether or not you come into direct contact with a raccoon, a raccoon living in your house can expose you to various diseases. Raccoons are known for being carriers of rabies, but they can also expose everyone in your house to various viruses and Raccoon Roundworm. The parasites living on raccoons, and raccoon feces, can affect your health and cause you to contract a virus, even if you never see the raccoon itself.

Raccoons Cause Damage to Your Home

Obviously, the raccoon is often going to have to cause damage to your house in order to get into the attic or into your walls. With their sharp claws and teeth, they have little trouble damaging your siding, insulation, wiring and many other structures. If the raccoon decides to chew on your electrical wiring, you could find yourself without power or at a high risk of house fire.

Professional Raccoon Trapping & Removal

If you realize that a raccoon may have invaded your home, we cannot emphasize enough that you should not attempt to trap or remove the animal yourself. As mentioned, this can cause the raccoon to become very panicked and aggressive, putting everyone in the building at risk.

  • Humane Raccoon Trapping & Removal – Our technicians have the training and equipment necessary to safely, quickly and humanely trap these evasive and mischievous pests.
  • Addressing Health Issues – Not only will our pest control specialists find and remove the raccoon, but we will also examine your building for nests, feces and other damage caused by the raccoon. Our goal is to leave you with a property that is completely free of any indication of raccoon infestation.
  • Preventing Raccoons from Returning – If one raccoon has found a way into your house, it will not be long before others, or other animals, get the same idea. The raccoon control experts at Fischer Environmental know how to identify the weak points around your building that could attract wildlife.

We can inspect your entire property, including both the perimeter of the building and the surrounding landscape to look for ways to make your property less appealing to wildlife intruders. With our help, you can prevent raccoons from breaking into your building in the future.
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