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Fischer Environmental Services is a full service Pest Control company dedicated to protecting your health and property, serving the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. Our job is one of Environmental Management. We rid your home or business of pests that can carry diseases or damage property, and we do it in a safe and cost effective manner.We strive to offer the most convenient services for our customers. No matter the time of day or night you call, even on the weekends, we will be there for you. Our 4-hour response time ensures that you have the best in the business at your door as quickly as can be.Fischer Environmental Services is able to offer service in many areas and throughout the entire Gulf Coast region thanks to the many offices that we have. Some of the areas where we can provide service include: We are locally owned and operated and have been providing quality service for over 60 years. Through appropriate inspection and treatment we are able to correct or prevent any pest control problem ... and we guarantee it in writing.

Mosquitoes: West Nile and Zika Virus Update

August 17, 2017By

If you’ve been watching, reading or listening to the news or social media, then you’ve most definitely heard that both the West Nile and Zika viruses have infiltrated the Gulf Coast. Both conditions are transmitted by mosquito bites, and the West Nile virus can cause flu-like symptoms and severe fatigue that lasts for months. In […]

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Is a mosquito mister right for my Louisiana or Mississippi home?

August 14, 2017By

If mosquitoes are driving you and your family crazy, you have probably already started researching mosquito control options. After all, not only do mosquitoes leave you with annoying  bites all over your body, they can carry serious diseases like the West Nile and Zika viruses that can, in extreme cases, cause neurological problems and birth […]

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3 Surprising Places Pests Hide in Your Hotel

July 19, 2017By

Rooms Aren’t the Only Place Your Guests See Pests Clean, comfortable guest rooms are the mainstay of your South Louisiana or Mississippi Gulf Coast hotel, and that’s where many pest control companies focus. But there are other areas that pests are attracted to, and a clean room doesn’t make up for infestations in other areas. […]

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Top 3 June Lawn Concerns

June 14, 2017By

It’s a beautiful spring day, and your lawn has been growing like crazy. You hope you’re doing everything you need to keep your lawn healthy, but what should you look for? Here are the top 3 things to prevent, treat, or maintain in June. 1. Brown Patch Brown patch is everywhere this time of year! […]

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