Damage Caused By Birds


Types of damage caused by birds - Professional bird control services by Presto-X

Birds have many reasons to infest your property. Like most pests, they’re looking for food, water, and a place to sleep and mate. Birds also gather to socialize, which is why you may see large groups congregating on your rooftop. If you consider birds welcome visitors, it’s important to understand the dangers they bring to your property. While humans are unlikely to become ill through direct contact with birds, these winged intruders can transmit diseases like the potentially life-threatening histoplasmosis via their droppings.

The Department of Public Health recommends wearing personal protective equipment, including a respirator outfitted with HEPA filters, when cleaning up old accumulations of droppings.

Property Damage Caused by Bird Droppings

Bird droppings also corrode expensive business equipment and materials like metal, concrete, and paint. Bird exclusion can help protect your property – and visitors’ cars – from the corrosive effects of bird droppings. Discourage birds from gathering and roosting on your roof by placing bird spikes in rows. These humane devices are simple pieces of plastic or other materials that make sitting on your rooftop uncomfortable. Try these additional bird exclusion and control tactics in other areas:

  • Apply gel, spray, or electronic repellents
  • Use netting to keep birds away from fruit trees
  • Place netting over and around HVAC units to prevent nesting

Professional Bird Exclusion Services

Before eliminating or moving any birds or nests, it’s important to properly identify the species and potential dangers involved. A professional bird exclusion technician can identify the bird, examine the property for future problems, and set up proper exclusionary devices. Call Presto-X, formerly Fischer Environmental today for a free quote!

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