3 Easy Ways to Keep Pests Out this Winter!

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Cooler weather leaves wild animals looking for somewhere warm where they can get food. Unfortunately, our homes are often a good looking option to them. Because of this, it is important to take measures to prevent these critters from getting in your home.


Why It’s Risky to Have Wildlife in Your Home

Besides being a nuisance, having wildlife in your home can also be dangerous. Some wildlife animals are aggressive and others carry diseases. Let’s take a look at the wildlife that we have in our area that you should really pay attention to.


Rats are determined little critters that find their way into any space that they can. They are dangerous to have around because they often carry diseases or are infested with their own parasites. They are especially difficult to get rid of because, if you see one, you can pretty much guarantee that there are at least a dozen more hiding quietly nearby.


Armadillos aren’t quite as dangerous as rats but they are still bad to have around. This is because they like to dig and their digging habits can cause structural damage or, worse, plumbing damage. Once this damage happens, then you have an even bigger nightmare to deal with!


Opossums are a little bit like skunks, though not many people know that. When they feel threatened—as they likely will when you try to scare them away—they can use their sharp claws to attack and emit a musty odor when trapped or threatened. Best to keep them as far away as possible!


Raccoons are creative critters that are also incredibly stubborn. This makes it pretty difficult to kick them out of your home once they have entered. You can also bet that once they find a way in they will invite more to join them.


Living in our area means that snakes are abundant. Once they enter your home, though, it can be pretty dangerous to try to get them out by yourself. This is because you don’t necessarily know which are venomous and which are aggressive.

When Will They Enter Your Home

You can expect to find these critters creeping into your home during the cold and rainy season. This is because, understandably, it is harder to survive outdoors during this time. Once they realize that your home is a reliable source of shelter and food, it will be tough to try to keep them out.

Stop Wildlife From Coming In

The best way to keep them out is by prevention! So forget those dusty (and dangerous) traps and, instead, try these three tricks to prevent wildlife from entering your home.

1.Block Any Entry Points

Do a quick walk-through of your home and look for any potential entry points. Check windows and doors along with the space underneath your home. Seal these spaces off and block any openings.

2.Seal Your Vents

Vents are basically a crude covering to a large hole in your home, right? So, oftentimes, there can be gaps that were left during installation or even a broken rung in the vent itself. Check your vents both in your attic and in your basement to make sure that they aren’t accidentally providing easy access to your home.

3.Close Off Cracks

Cracks are a normal flaw to have in a home but can sort of sneak up on you over the years. Check your house and see if you can find any that may provide a way in for wildlife. Seal them off with expanding foam or hardware cloth so that no critter can sneak through.

Living in this area means that we are quite used to the presence of wildlife. In fact, many of us support their health and wellbeing! That doesn’t mean that we want them in our homes. With a few quick steps you can prevent this from happening. Need more help? Contact us today for a free inspection!

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