7 Winter Pest Control Tips for Louisiana & Mississippi Residents

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Winter is the time when we spend more time indoors we’re watching our beloved Saints in the playoffs.  Even here on the Gulf Coast where our winters are relatively mild, pest control as well as wildlife exclusion do become issues because the changing temperatures often force pests and wildlife to seek warmth, even if it’s not as cold as places like Green Bay.

This is why bugs and wildlife often want to come into your home to get away from the colder temperatures, and part of the reason why locally, the winter months are some of the worst for pest problems and nuisance wildlife.

Below we have some tips to help you keep these unwanted guests out of your Louisiana or Mississippi Gulf Coast home this winter:

1. Create an Airtight Perimeter

Pests ranging from ants to rats can make their way into your home using even the tiniest of openings. You can make it harder for these critters by sealing every possible entrance.

Inspect the foundation of your home for any cracks, sealing these openings with quick-drying cement or caulking. Do the same around all doors, windows and openings where plumbing or wires enter the house. This Old House recommends replacing all of your old and worn weather-stripping which has the added benefit of helping with energy efficiency as well as bug problems.

2. Keep Food Out of Reach

Bugs and wildlife are not going to be able to survive in your home if you cut off all of the food sources. Mice, rats and insects are going to be less attracted to your house if you keep all of your food, including pet food, in sealed plastic bags and containers. Be sure to empty your garbage regularly, and keep your countertops and sinks clean, as well.

3. Store Firewood Far From Your House

Stacks of firewood can act as habitats and food sources for pests. While having your firewood piled up against the side of your house may be more convenient for you, it also makes it convenient for bugs to move from the wood and into your home. Firewood should be kept as far from the house as possible, preferably inside a separate storage building or sealed container.

4. Remove Leaves and Other Debris

Keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy is not the only reason to rake away leaves, fallen twigs and other debris. This is a similar situation as the firewood example above. Insects and other pests are drawn to this organic material, which can provide them with shelter and food. Piles of leaves attract bugs to your property, and closer to your house.

5. Address Water and Drainage Problems Immediately

Water can provide a suitable breeding ground for many different insects, including silverfish, termites and numerous others. If fallen leaves are clogging your drains, you could find yourself with leaks and water damage. In addition to creating pest control problems for your house, water damage can also create the need for costly repairs.

When you contact Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” for a pest inspection in the Louisiana and Gulf Coast region, our specialists can check for signs of moisture in your home, which could be attracting insects. Our technicians have the equipment necessary to identify water damage before it becomes apparent on the surface.

6. Watch for Early Signs of Infestation

The earlier you find signs of pest problems, the easier they will be to solve. Common places to find signs of insect and wildlife infestation are in your insulation, your cabinets and any storage areas. You can look for signs of droppings or materials that have been chewed.

7. Hire a Professional

One of the most effective ways to protect against winter pest infestations is to have Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” visit your home to provide an inspection and recommend a prevention solution. Our professionals are trained to detect pests and to identify areas where pests could be entering the home. We can address any current pest problems, and help you prevent any from occurring in the future.

7 Winter Pest Control Tips for Louisiana & Mississippi Residents In Louisiana & Mississippi

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