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Q: What is a dragonfly’s favorite insect to eat?
A: All of the dragonflies I asked were going too fast to hear me. Either that or they were too busy to stop. But I often see them eating mosquitoes, midges, flies, gnats, and other small flying insects.

Q: Why do horseflies bite us?
A:They bite you because they want to eat your blood. Horseflies have a kind of feeding that I like to call “slash and sponge!” First they slash a cut in your skin, then they sponge up the blood and eat it. There are lots of insects that eat blood — mosquitoes, blackflies, and even some moths do it.

Q: Why do lightning bugs flash?
A: They are trying to attract a mate. Flashing is their way of advertising that they are available. Different species of fireflies have different codes that they use. Sometimes, predator fireflies flash the code of another species, and when that species shows up, they eat it!

Q: Why do stink bugs stink if they die?
A: They even stink while they’re alive, if you disturb them! This is a way of defending themselves. Who wants to eat something that stinks? I sure don’t. So if something wants to eat the stink bug, the stink bug just turns up the smell, and hopefully the predator changes its mind!

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