Dangerous Spiders in the Fall

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Black widows are a dangerous spider in the SE Louisiana area - Presto-X "Formerly Fischer"Spiders are one of the most dreaded pest problems. They aren’t necessarily the most dangerous, but people fear them all the same! Spiders seem to be out in full force in the fall months, making it important to learn how to protect your property from them. The good news is that most spiders you encounter in your home here in Southeast Louisiana are totally harmless.

However, there are two in particular that are more dangerous: the black widow and the brown recluse. The team at Presto-X is here to share all you need to know about dangerous spiders in the fall and all year long!

Black Widows & Brown Recluse Spiders

It can be difficult to differentiate your common house spider from one of the more dangerous types of spiders. However, it’s important to learn how to tell the more dangerous spiders apart.

  1. Black widow: These spiders have a characteristic red hourglass shape on its body. They build sticky, tangled cobwebs in garages, sheds, and near the ground. They can bite when they feel threatened.
  2. Brown recluse: Brown recluse have a darker brown violin-shaped mark on their brown bodies. They build loose, dome-shaped webs for shelter. A brown recluse bite is known to be very painful.

How do Spiders Get Indoors?

Just like all pests, spiders are drawn to your home if it provides them with food, shelter, and water. The key to keeping them away is making your home less attractive to them! Broken screens or crevices in your doors and windows often let spiders in. An unkempt yard or lawn will invite spiders to your property. You may also notice more spiders when you have other bugs and insects in your property. Spiders will be more drawn to properties that provide them with shelter and food (bugs) inside, which is why it’s so important to clean your property.

Do You Have a Spider Problem?

Seeing a few spiders here and there from time to time is perfectly normal, as much as you may hate it. However, there are a few instances when it’s probably best to enlist the help of a spider exterminator. Seeing one of the previously mentioned dangerous spiders or noticing excess webs in your property are the main indicators it’s time for a pest inspection. The team at Presto-X can help keep your home spider-free.

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