Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”’s Pest Control Checklist

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As a homeowner, there is nothing worse than having to deal with pests in your house. No matter what they are, be it flies, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitos, bedbugs, termites or ants, they can cause a lot of damage if not dealt with properly. If you suffer from a pest problem, we understand you want them removed FAST and FOREVER!

At Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, we dedicate ourselves to helping to keep pests out of residential homes and we make sure they don’t come back. This is done by identifying where the problem originates and stopping it at the source. That source can be a number of areas around the home, and we have set procedures for treating each of those locations. Keep reading to get our pest control checklist!


We perform a number of checks and treatments on the outside of your property. To begin, a thorough exterior entry point inspection is carried out. Once finished, treatment can begin. We treat a number of key outside areas where pets gain entry to your house or reside in it. These include door casings, window frames, window sills, eaves, thresholds, all plumbing points (pipes etc.) and cable access.

We then put preventative measures in place to ensure pests do not return. This includes using a power spray to secure a 4’ x 8’ perimeter around your house as well as spraying a 3’ band at points where any concrete makes contact with the building structure. We spray surrounding areas where pests might reside including heavy brush, outside decks and refuse storage/collection areas. Lastly, we treat for ant nests that may occur in an 8’ radius of your home as well as removing wasp and spider nests.


Your garage is prime real estate for spiders, insects, and other pests. Should you find a nest of any kind, we can remove it quickly. Sometimes, it is necessary to apply bait traps to draw out whatever insect infestation you might be struggling with.

We place these traps in all the areas where pests might reside including under storage cabinets, under workbenches, in pipe flanges, in wall voids, under water heaters, behind air handlers, under any large household appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators), cabinet frames, and in plumbing flanges.

We also treat window frames and door frames.

Kitchen, Bathroom, and Utility Rooms

Other rooms in your home need to be treated as well, not only to remove pests but to ensure they do not return.

We recommend the use of bait traps in your kitchen, bathroom, and utility rooms. Here we treat pocket doors, underneath any appliances, cabinet false bottoms, plumbing accesses, behind water heaters, in wall voids, cabinets, cabinet frames, at the back of any drawers, pipe flanges, and the pantry closet.

Other rooms

Should you have other rooms that need treating, we will be more than happy to help. Here we will treat wall voids, doors, potted plants, cabinets, cabinet frames, drawers, closet door frames, bookcase frames, and the backs of receptacle covers. All these areas are oftentimes frequented by pests.

If you have a pest problem, we can take care of it. We make use of the most technologically advanced treatments available along with thorough tactics, so once pests are removed, they won’t come back again. Better still, our pest control is achieved without the need for the continual use of pesticides.

With 60 years’ experience and 24-hour service, contact us today for a free estimate!

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