How to Prevent Bed Bugs This Holiday Season

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Use a hard-case suitcase to prevent bed bugs while traveling in SE Louisiana or Mississippi - Presto-x "Formerly Fischer"Everyone knows there’s no place like home for the holidays, including bed bugs! With people traveling more often than ever this time of year, it’s important to learn how to prevent bed bug problems from started. Bed bug infestations are known to start after traveling because they are commonly found in hotels or hitching a ride on suitcases. Whether you’ve booked a hotel for the holidays or have guests staying with you, read on to learn top tips on preventing bed bug infestations this holiday season.

5 Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs this Holiday Season

If you’re traveling for the holidays, it’s important to know how to keep bed bugs from becoming uninvited guests! Five things you can do to prevent bed bugs include:

  1. Pack your clothing in sealed plastic bags, and always use a hard-case suitcase.
  2. Do your research before booking a hotel room by reading through reviews for mentions of bed bug problems.
  3. Before settling into a hotel room, pull back the sheets to inspect the bed for live bugs or signs of bed bug activity.
  4. Always place your suitcase on luggage racks, on top of furniture, or inside of a bathtub inside hotel rooms.
  5. When returning from a trip, wash all clothing in hot water and steam-clean your suitcase (outside your home, if possible).

Do Bed Bugs Hibernate?

While many types of pests die off or hibernate during the winter, that isn’t the case for bed bugs. These pests are infamous for being able to withstand extreme temperatures, which is why winter bed bug infestations are common. Sometimes, bed bugs will go into a state of diapause and survive for months without a meal. It’s important to stay vigilant about bed bugs throughout the entire year, especially during the holidays due to travel!

When to Call for Bed Bug Removal

Because these bugs are resilient, sometimes bed bug prevention doesn’t work. If you find yourself with an infestation this holiday season, it’s time to call the bed bug exterminators at Presto-X, formerly Fischer. Our bed bug removal team can effectively control any problems as well as prevent bed bug infestations in the future!

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