Is Your Home Prepared for Fall Pests?

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Fall is fast approaching.

The fall season’s cooler temperatures push pests closer to your home. When fall is in full swing, pests will look to stay in your home permanently. They’ll find any and every hole or refuge they can to stay warm during cool falls and cold winters.

Luckily, you can be ready for the fall migration by preparing your home beforehand. Here are some of the key things you should do:

Look for and Seal Off Entry Points

If rodents can’t enter your home, they can’t live it.

You should look for, and then seal all entry points.

Large holes and openings are a good place to start. Attic fans and ceilings—which are common entry points that go unnoticed—should come next.

Special attention should be shown to cracks. Know that a pest can enter your home through the smallest of cracks. For this reason, you should fill all cracks inside and outside your home.

Eliminate Sources of Water and Moisture

Pest need water—more so than food—to survive. To ensure pests have no place to live inside your home, it’s very important that you find and eliminate any and all sources of water and moisture that pests can use to sustain life. Check all the corners of your home for pooling and/or dripping. Also, check the basement and attic for the same thing.

Special attention should be paid to your kitchen—as this is the favorite dwelling spot for pests. All pipes, sinks, and refrigerators should be checked for leaks. It’s also important to keep your kitchen clean at all times—ensuring the floor and countertops are always dry. In messy spill situations, an antibacterial spray should be applied and then wiped off.

Keep Firewood Far Away from Your Home

Fall and winter are great times for fires. But, you should never store firewood close to your home. Pests will nest in the gaps created by stacked firewood. They’ll stay warm and sheltered until they eventually find their way into your home. Keep firewood as far as possible while still maintaining convenience.

Keep Your Yard Super Clean

Yard debris is a magnet for pests. When pests move into a yard, they’re one step away from a home. Ensure this isn’t the case by picking up all yard debris—trash, sticks, dead leaves, organic wastes, grass clippings, and rotten fruit. Also, make note that mulch piles should be kept as far away from your home as possible.

Cover (And Possibly Drain) Your Pool

Pools provide pests (especially insects) with a great fall breeding ground. Be sure that your pool has a proper cover that seals it properly. If needed, drain your pool and clean its filtration system.

If you have a heated pool or hot tub that you use in the winter, feel free to use it. Again, just make sure you place a proper cover over it when it’s not in use.

Fall is a great time of year. In Louisiana, it’s one of the only times we get enjoyable, crisp weather. Take the proper precautions to ensure a fun-filled, rodent free fall and winter and make an effort to keep pests out your home. It will actually save you time and money.

If you would like more information on keeping pests out of your house this fall and winter, please contact us today!

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