Termite Baiting 101

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When it comes to termite control, there are good, healthy debates to be had about which types of treatment options work best – liquid treatment or baited treatments.  Each of these methods have their pros and cons, but today, many companies are turning more and more to baiting as a way to eliminate termites for a number of reasons.

Termite baiting is a bit different from the traditional liquid treatments. Here’s a quick overview of what baiting is and how it works so you will have an understanding of why this method is so popular and successful.

How Do Termite Baiting Systems Work?

As the name implies, baiting systems work by setting out food, or bait, that the termites will find, consume as well as carry back to the colony where it can eliminate those termites that did not come directly in contact with the baiting source.  The termites that find and take the bait are going to eat it and then bring it back to their colony, where they actually feed it to the soldiers and the reproducing termites. They are then passing along the poison to the other members of the colony directly.

This is in contrast to liquid barrier systems which repel termites away from the structure.

When baiting termites, we place a number of bait stations around your property. These could be stations above ground as well as in the soil. The number and type of bait stations is going to vary based on several factors including the type of termite, the size of the colony, and the size your property.

In most cases, after the specialists set the bait, they will establish a regular maintenance schedule where the bait stations will be checked to see if the termites have taken any bait, and if they need to be refilled and/or replaced. Sometimes, our termite control technicians might have to reassess the situation and move the stations if they are not seeing any activity.

Why Bait Treatments Are Becoming More Popular

First and foremost, baited systems are becoming so popular because they work.  Baiting systems have been proven to successfully eliminate colonies, and keep homes safe from future threats of termites.

Also, in today’s world, people are becoming more and more concerned about the environment, and the use of chemicals, especially in and around their homes.   A few benefits of using baiting systems include:

  • Use of far less chemicals than traditional liquid systems, which may require hundreds of gallons of chemicals be applied around your home
  • Application procedures are less invasive, and do not involve digging or tunneling around the home to apply product
  • Baiting systems are contained in traps, rather than sprayed on lawns and other areas surrounding the home
  • The baiting systems used by Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” are EPA tested and approved
  • The Sentricon System is the only termite control product ever to earn the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, a top federal environmental honor.

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