Why Are Wasps So Aggressive in the Fall?

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Learn all about aggressive wasp prevention in the fall in Louisiana and Mississippi - Presto-X If you think you see more yellow jackets and wasps in the fall than any other time of year, you’re not crazy! Bee and wasp populations are at their largest when summer moves into fall, and the stinging insects begin to outgrow their nests. From there, they will seek out resources of food to survive the winter, which is why they invade outdoor barbecues and picnics. To avoid dealing with yellow jackets this fall and to protect your family from their sting, it’s essential to know how to prevent them in the first place!

What are Yellow Jackets Attracted To?

During the spring and summer, bees and wasps are presented with endless food sources with abundant flowers in full bloom. When those flowers stop blooming as summertime comes to an end, stinging insects are forced to expand their search. Especially when they outgrow their nest, yellow jackets will flock to areas with human activity and tend to be uninvited guests to outdoor events. Besides food, one of the main things that will attract wasps include sources of standing water such as swimming pools, hummingbird feeders, and more. When having an outdoor event, it’s important to stay vigilant about covering your food and water.

Preventing Wasps in the Fall

With resources dwindling, yellow jackets infamously become more aggressive in the fall. Wasps will sting without provocation this time of year, which is extremely dangerous for anyone allergic. Even worse, yellow jackets have the capability of stinging more than once. Some tips to keep stinging insects away include:

  • Never leave food out in the open outdoors, and use tight-fitting lids on trash cans.
  • Avoid wearing bright colors and fragrant perfumes.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices in the foundation.
  • Don’t walk barefoot through grassy areas where wasps may be lingering.
  • Eliminate sources of standing water and place a cover over the pool.

How to Keep Yellow Jackets Away

Wasps and bees are a normal part of nature, so how do you know when you need professional help? If you’ve noticed an unusual number of yellow jackets on your property or if you’ve spotted a nest, it’s time to call for professional help. The experts at Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” are proud to take an eco-friendly approach in controlling yellow jackets in SE Louisiana and Mississippi. Call our team to see how we can protect you from fall pests such as yellow jackets!

Why Are Wasps So Aggressive in the Fall? In Louisiana & Mississippi

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