Fischer Environmental Services Celebrates 60 Years In Business

February 6, 2017By

This year we’re going to have to blow out alot of candles at the company party!

60 to be exact!

2017 marks 60 years since Ernie Fischer started our company.  Two name changes and more than a few dead bugs later, we’re going strong with nearly 70 employees working from our headquarter in Mandeville and serving clients throughout the Gulf Coast region.

A few things you may not know about our company:

We were originally named “Fischer Exterminating Company” and located in Covington!

After our current owner Robert Kunst took over in 1987, we updated our logo and changed the name of the company to Fischer Environmental Services.

We’ve been committed to meeting your evolving needs over the years by investing heavily in training and environmentally friendly practices. This has put us in a position to win some impressive awards from the EPA for our quality control and commitment to the environment.

“Our commitment to changing our company culture and offerings to meet the changing demands of increasingly educated customers has been a key to our success,” says Kunst. “Of course, our incredible staff also plays a big role in the day to day work of keeping our customers happy,” he added.

Today, Fischer is one of the Pest Control Magazine’s “Top 100” pest control operators and is still located in the heart of Mandeville.

Stop by and say “Hello” sometime or waive the next time you see one of our technicians on the road!

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who have made this wonderful milestone possible, and here’s to the next 60 years!

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