Pest Control for Apartments & Condos

Serving the Louisiana & Mississippi Gulf Coast For Over 60 Years

FISCHER has developed a revolutionary program designed especially for the Multifamily Housing Industry. Our written Service and Performance guarantee is unmatched in the pest control industry.

FISCHER has proven experience in Multifamily units. We are proud of our growing list of satisfied customers who have chosen to break away from “traditional” spray programs and improve their bottom line along with their residents quality of life. FISCHER works together with you and your maintenance personnel to provide an integrated approach to pest management that effectively meets your goals.

The primary Multifamily Housing pest is the German cockroach. In designing a control strategy to eliminate this pest, each unit must be inspected, key areas of the infestation identified, and then effectively treated. This approach addresses the entire cockroach population instead of the “harvest” approach found in “conventional” spray treatments.

FISCHER uses a proven baiting and monitoring system including backpack vacuum units for advanced pest control. This system is today’s most successful innovation for roach control in Multifamily facilities.

Why Choose FISCHER?


We save you the headaches of scheduling monthly service. Under most circumstances we need access to your apartments only once a year.


We check with you on a regular basis to see if your residents are having any problems. You do not have to call us, we get to your residents before your residents get to you.


We use only the most professional baiting techniques, applying the safest possible products available. This is particularly important where the elderly reside and children live and play.


Our program reduces your cost and allows FISCHER to offer the best possible pricing.


We do our complete service up front and you have 12 months to pay for it. This improves your cash flow and makes customer satisfaction our first priority.


Our Pest Management Professionals are among the best trained in the industry. This means you receive only professional, licensed, uniformed, bonded and security screened technicians to work on your property.


Our company is fully licensed, equipped and staffed to handle any pest control problem you have, now or in the future.

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