Pest Control for Louisiana & Mississippi

From Fischer Environmental Services

Fischer Environmental has been providing pest control solutions for Louisiana and Mississippi residents and businesses throughout the Gulf Coast region for more than 60 years. We not only provide guaranteed services, but also take care to manage and maintain the environment in which we work.

“Stan was very helpful in explaining what he was doing and why. He was very professional and performed the work in a timely manner”

– Lawrence Pratt

Which Pests Do We Help You Control?

At Fischer Environmental we take pride in our ability to identify the specific pest problem that you are having. No matter what creepy insect or obnoxious rodent it causing the issue, our highly-knowledgeable technicians will be able to recognize where the problem is stemming from, and create a plan to get rid of the pesky critters once and for all.

Here are a few of the pests we help you control.


Ants can be found anywhere they have a source for food and water. If you see the irritating insects scurrying across your floor, call us right away. It does not take long for these critters to multiply and cause even more havoc at your residence or business.

Click here to read more about our ant control services.


Bed Bugs

If you or a family member wake up with red bites all over, there is a good chance you may have a bed bug infestation.

It is nothing to be embarrassed about, but it is something to treat sooner rather than later. Bed bugs are not caused by unsanitary conditions. They were mostly likely brought in on a piece of furniture. These critters can live in tiny crevices and are nearly impossible to get rid of without a professional.

Also, these pests are notoriously difficult to get rid of, and reproduce quickly, so getting a handle on the problem before it becomes an all out infestation is key.

Click here to learn more about bed bug control and removal.



These flying and stinging insects will attack you when provoked in even the smallest way. We strongly advise you to never try to take care of a bee infestation on your own. Our professionals know how to safely remove the nest so that you can enjoy peace and relaxation out in your yard.

For more than 60 years, Fischer has been keeping Louisiana and Mississippi residents protected from bees, wasps and other flying insects. Click here to find out more about our bee removal programs.



Wasps are even more aggressive than the bee. These will sting you time and time again causing painful, and in some instances, life-threatening harm. If you suspect you have a colony of wasps or yellow-jackets somewhere on your property, get in touch with us right away.

Click here to find out more about removing and controlling wasps.



Mosquitoes are arguably the most annoying insects on the planet. Not only do they cause itchy, painful welts, they can also carry dangerous diseases like West Nile, Yellow fever, and Malaria. When they are at your home, they are going to create a breeding site. We know how to treat that site getting rid of the adult mosquitoes and preventing the larvae from growing.

Fischer offers several options for mosquito control and works with homeowners and businesses to eliminate places where mosquitoes breed. Click here to learn more about our mosquito control programs.



Roaches know how to find their way into your home through the smallest entry point. They will then eat the food available from your cupboards or your pet food dish. They can live on very little for a very long time. Not only are they unpleasant to look at, they leave a foul odor if allowed to stay in your home. Our employees will get rid of them and provide you with the information you need to prevent them from coming back.

Homes and businesses in New Orleans in particular suffer with terrible roach problems due to heightened moisture and older structures.

Click here to learn more about our roach control programs.


Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are usually associated with animals. While this is where they get their nutrients, they can also bite and cause other problems on humans. It does not take long for fleas to multiply. If you suspect you have a flea problem, we can provide you with a safe, effective, long-term treatment solution.

Click here to read more about our flea and tick control programs.



These creepy crawly critters can be found in any environment. There are several venomous breeds of spiders found in your local area. Chances are they are not going to bite you unless they are somehow aggravated. It is the best idea to get rid of these arachnids before they have a chance. Our skilled team knows what to look for and how to cautiously remove them from your home.

Click here to find out how Fischer will help remove spiders from your home and keep them out!



Termites can get into the wooden part of your home and cause mass property damage. The most important thing to do as soon as you believe you have a termite problem is call our experts.

We know how to identify a termite problem, and come up with a plan of action to get rid of them. From baiting and fumigation, to soil treatment and continuing preventative measures, we are the team you can trust. After we remove your termites, you are guaranteed not to have a problem again.

Click here to read more about our termite control offerings from Termidor and Sentricon.



Mice, rats, and other rodents are not only bothersome and a bit repulsive; they can also create costly damages throughout your home. These nocturnal critters can get into your food, walls, and other structures. While they are inside, they can damage not only the building, but also electrical wires.

Our experts will inspect and discover where your rodents are, and eradicate them quickly before they have a chance to multiply.

Click here to read more about Fischer’s programs to control mice and rats.

Pest control is not all we do.

Keeping Your Lawn Pest Free & In Tip Top Shape

The professional lawn care technicians at Fischer Environmental offer the lawn care services you require to keep your yard looking lush and beautiful all year long without the time and hassle of you having to do the work yourself.

From general lawn service like aeration, to horticultural and landscape planning, we take care of it all. It is our number one goal to create a scene that has reached its fullest potential.

We guarantee all of our services, or you will get your money back.

Click here to find out more about our lawn care services.


Are Our Pest Control Products Safe and Eco-Friendly?

Fischer is a company that is dedicated to providing pest control in a way that is sustainable and friendly to the environment. We concern ourselves with more than just managing the pests, but doing it in a way that is safe and responsible. We only use methods that are proven to be safe, and products that have been tested for quality.

In our goal to provide effective and environmentally sound pest control services, we are continually studying new methods and staying current on the latest scientific research concerning the industry. The teams at Fischer not only meets all of the environmental regulations from state, national and local governments, but we go out of our way to exceed them.

Being a company that is always striving to be the best and continually looking for ways that we can improve upon our service, Fischer Environmental has received awards for our dedication to quality pest control that is good to the environment.

We are one of the few companies to receive the Gold Standard Level for the EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program. This award recognizes the great efforts of Fischer Environmental toward reducing the risk of pesticides and the high standards that we employ in our practices.

In addition to that, we are one of only five pest control companies to have received the “Champion of the Environment” award from the EPA.

“When Matt was inside doing our initial consultation, it started to rain. He told us he would come back within the next couple of days to complete the job. However, it continued to rain for days and ran into a holiday weekend. On Monday, Matt was at our house finishing the initial consultation. He kept us informed even though he couldn’t make it the next few days, which we appreciated.”


Are the Fischer Environmental Technicians Certified?

Our teams only include technicians that are fully trained and certified for the jobs that they perform. We hold our employees to the highest standards. When you have Fischer on the job, you are getting a team that is dedicated to providing the best and most satisfying results, and a company that uses the best practices in the entire country as per our Quality Pro Guarantee.

What is the Quality Pro Guarantee?

The Quality Pro guarantee is a pest management program administered by the National Pest Management Association with the intention of providing customer assurance in regard to professionalism and quality. Fischer Environmental is not only a full member of the Quality Pro program, but we go beyond many of the already strict requirements that are necessary to gain certification.


How Can You Contact Us?

With 60 years of experience in the Gulf Coast region, Fischer has built a solid reputation based on the work that we have done. We offer expert pest control services to the Louisiana and Mississippi areas and are known for our friendly service. We have 24-hour emergency service with a 4-hour response time and representatives that are ready to address your concerns no matter what the time.

If you want a pest control and lawn care service that provides the results you need, while also being careful to manage and mitigate the impact that our services have on the environment, then we are the team to get on the job. Contact us to learn more about the different services that we offer and to schedule an appointment with a pest control professional.