Actual Size: Usually between 0.5-1.25 inches long.

Characteristics: Black segmented bodies with 6 legs and antennae.

Earwig Identification in SE Louisiana and Mississippi

Like many household and garden pests, the earwig is most active at night when it searches for food and shelter. Preferring cool damp places near water, earwigs are commonly found under bark, mulch, logs, rocks, garden debris, plants, and crevices. Earwigs are also attracted to artificial light and will gather on porches and similar areas. They will venture indoors, hiding under human belongings such as cushions or blanket type coverings, especially when left on the ground

Threats Posed by Earwigs

The biggest concern regarding earwigs is the harm they can cause to your garden. Earwig infestations can develop outside of a home leaving residents flustered and lawn and plant vegetation damaged. These pests are primarily scavengers, however, they will eat plant roots, fruits, and other insects.

Earwig Prevention

Like many pests, earwigs invade our homes and gardens looking for food and shelter. They take advantage of poor cleaning habits outside a dwelling. To prevent earwigs,  regularly maintain your lawn and garden.  Check watering times and frequencies, and seal gaps and cracks around your home. These steps can reduce the potential for an earwig infestation. Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” professionals are expertly trained to identify and treat earwig problems.

Earwig Control

Earwigs can pose problems in a wide variety of outdoor environments and will also infest indoor human dwellings when circumstances permit. The best way to eliminate earwigs and prevent future problems with them is through professional help. At Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, our pest control professionals resolve earwig infestations using a variety of different treatment techniques, including surveillance, eradication and baiting applications.