Thermal Pest Control

From Fischer Environmental Services Serving Metro New Orleans

Fischer Environmental Services is proud to offer thermal pest control services for clients throughout metro New Orleans and the surrounding areas as an option to traditional pest control methods.

In certain cases, thermal pest control is an effective alternative, especially in sensitive environments such as hospitals and medical laboratories. Many homeowners also research the viability of thermal pest control of pests in the home such as bed bugs.

What is Thermal Pest Control?

Thermal pest control refers to exterminating pests by manipulating the temperature of the environment. Extremely hot or cold temperatures can be used to treat entire buildings, confined spaces, or other localized spots.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is often used for all sorts of pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, drywood termites, dust mites, powderpost beetles, rodents and other wood destroying insects.

During heat treatment, the entire house is heated to 120 – 140 degrees. When managed by a qualified professional, this leaves furniture and fabrics unharmed, while destroying all stages of an insect’s life cycle, from the egg to the full grown pest.

Exterminators use a suitcase-sized heat exchanger during the process, which consists of an array of pipes and a mobile boiler unit to heat air in the targeted area to the desired deadly temperature. Infrared cameras and thermometers ensure that there are no cool spots for insects to seek refuge.

The heat is destructive to all vital proteins and fatally destroys the insect’s tissues within minutes. It works without needing to track down the location of the insects and the home will be safe to occupy shortly after the heat treatment process.

However, this is not a recommended technique because, in practice, it is not always effective. The reason for this is it’s often difficult to heat the building at a high enough heat for an adequate amount of time to kill all the pests, such as bed bugs that hide in mattresses and skirting boards. The equipment used needs to be very precise to avoid over or under heating.

Overheating a house can cause structural damage, especially for buildings that are older and more delicate. Wood paneling can buckle, candles can melt, and other objects can be damaged. In general, houses are not made to withstand this kind of intense heat. On top of that, it is also an inefficient use of energy.

To minimize damage and disruption, Fischer Environmental Services does inspections and conducts direct treatment instead. If you have any questions about the differences between these different techniques, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Cold Treatment

Cold treatment is another pest control method that is used largely in commercial spaces like retail stores, offices and industrial buildings. Like heat treatment, it is also considered eco-friendly, as it doesn’t require the use of any chemicals.

Instead of applying heat, surfaces are cooled down to a temperature that kills the pests. After which, the pests are removed systematically. It is also a lot more effective than heat treatment and works very well to exterminate pests.

At Fischer, cold thermal treatment is one of our popular pest control methods. It is just as environmentally friendly as heat treatment, a lot more energy-efficient, effective, and easier on your house.

For more information and help with your pest control needs, contact Fischer today.