Don’t Let Ants Take Over Your Home

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It is your house after all! There is absolutely no reason those annoying pests should come in and take it over. They will enter like thieves in the night, and before you know it, they’ve created great trails of themselves all around your kitchen and bathroom. Not to mention anywhere else they feel like crawling. It is time you took a stand. Understand the enemy and then, with Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”’s help, learn how to take them out!

About Ants

Ants are the most common pests around. They can show up suddenly, if there is a change in the weather, or if they foresee a better opportunity to retrieve food and water than their current locale. While they commonly nest in the soil, they can also be found under boards, stumps, rocks, plants, buildings, et cetera. They will basically live wherever there is safety and sustenance. Trying to rid them yourself will prove difficult. Instead, get a professional like Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”.

Ant Types

In truth, there are many different ant species and each of them has its own food and housing preferences. This means they all have specific pest control needs. Therefore, it is supremely important to be able to accurately identify the species that is causing you problems. We will discuss four types here:


These ants do immense damage to wood structures and should be dealt with immediately. While you might think they are only large and black in appearance, the reality is that the extra big ones are the only members of the colony allowed to leave to scope out food and new housing. They don’t eat wood, by the way, but they build their homes in it carving and shaping it to meet their needs.


These are the ants most people actively try to eliminate. Mainly, this aggressive position is taken because these ants are known to sting or bite. These can be merely irritating, but if you’re allergic or attacked by a large quantity, they can be very detrimental to your wellbeing. In case you were wondering, most DIY products just convince the ants to move their mounds, not evacuate your yard.


Incredibly difficult to remove, these ants emit an unpleasant coconut smell when squished. They have multiple queens within their colonies and they work together to reproduce in vast amounts. This enables the colony to take over a space quite rapidly. Special techniques are required to rid a home of these pests as their behaviors are quite unusual.


These are small brown ants that represent their name, as they are most commonly found on the pavement or sidewalks outside your home. However, if they gain entrance through a crawlspace, they can infest your home and its foundation. They are particularly drawn to sweets, proteins and fatty-foods (much like we are). Thankfully, Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” has treatments that are effective and safe to use in controlling pavement ants.


Ants are invasive and since they are tiny, they can gain entrance in numerous ways. Therefore, it is a good idea to utilize some of these ant management tips to help ensure you avoid an infestation. The most obvious bit of advice, is to keep things clean. Sugary products will draw ants faster than you can smash them. So, make sure you clean up and use airtight and otherwise sealable containers for food products that don’t naturally come in them. Make sure to sweep and mop when things get spilled too, because a quick wipe job won’t eliminate the residue. Also, keep your trash cans closed and away from the house. Finally, don’t leave standing water (even small puddles where you wiped your counters).

Professional Assistance

Seeking out professional assistance is highly advisable when dealing with an ant infestation. While the first step is to identify what type of ants you are up against, the next step is locating a company with the proper experience and materials to alleviate your problem. Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” Service is a professional pest control company with over fifty years of experience. Besides, we offer free inspections. It’s worth the call for sure.

Ants will take over your house and act like it’s their own if you don’t put your foot down immediately. Unfortunately, you could put your foot down over and over again and yet, all the stomping ‘em in the world won’t eradicate their presence. Get in touch with the us and say goodbye to those little critters once and for all.

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