Preventing Pests Throughout The Summer

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While you may be taking a break this summer, the pests throughout Mississippi and Louisiana will not be. This is actually a season during which certain types of pests may become increasingly active.

What to Expect from Louisiana and Mississippi Pests Over the Summer

In general, pests follow water sources. During the summer, especially the late summer months, water sources can dry up and become very scares throughout the region. Therefore, more and more pests, especially ants, silverfish, and spiders, will begin to gravitate toward homes where they can find the moisture they need.

Summer is also the season when fleas and ticks tend to become more problematic. These blood-sucking, disease-spreading parasites will attach themselves to both humans and animals in order to be carried into houses. When you, or your pets, walk by longer grasses, fleas and ticks will often take the opportunity to catch a ride on your skin and clothing, and your pet’s fur. They will feed on your blood, and make a home in your bedding, furniture, and crevices throughout your house.


Summer Pest Prevention Starts Outside

When visiting a customer during a summer pest control visit, our pest control specialists will first thoroughly inspect the exterior of the house. Using advanced technology, such as infrared scanners, we will look for any signs that a moisture problem could be attracting pests to the house.

Next, we will apply the most effective pest control treatments available to the exterior of your structure. We use power application units that discourage pests from gathering anywhere near the foundation of your home.

It is crucial to address the perimeter of the house, as insects that gather and live in these areas are just a few steps away from making their way into your home, where they could then grow their infestation.


Eliminating Summer Pests That Make Their Way Into Your House

After addressing the exterior of your house, our pest control professionals will then turn their attention to the interior. As mentioned, summer is a time when homes are especially vulnerable to flea and tick infestations. During our interior inspection, we pay special attention to areas that are commonly infested by these particular pests.

By identifying which pests are already present in the house, our pest control technicians are able to devise a treatment plan that is specialized to be most effective for your unique challenges.

Along with inspecting for specific pests, and other signs of damage, we will also take action to further eliminate entry points into the house. We will do this by treating and sealing any openings around plumbing fixtures, cable accesses, outlets, and any other cracks and crevices around the interior of the property. After over 60 years in this industry, we have learned where common pests like to enter and hide within homes and we will ensure that all of these problem areas are covered in your building.

As you know, the summer months in Mississippi and Louisiana can be sweltering hot. At Presto-X “Formerly Fischer”, we believe that you, and your family and friends, should be the only ones benefiting from the cool sanctuary of your home. That is why we have developed pest prevention strategies that are customized to provide you with the most effective summer pest control solutions possible!

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