Tips for keeping pests out of your home this fall

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Along the Gulf Coast, the fall months bring with them many different changes in the weather and the environment. The temperatures begin to gradually drop, and so do the leaves from the trees.

Any time that there are changes like these, the pests in your area also begin to change their behaviors. Those changes could mean migrating from their natural habitat into your home in search of food, shelter or both.

Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” understands that you do not want the unwelcome intruders sharing your home, and that is why we provide fall pest prevention services throughout Louisiana and Mississippi.

Fall is The Prime Time for Nuisance Wildlife and Rodents

Insects are certainly not the only type of pest that could affect the sanctuary of your home. We have found that many local homeowners have increased problems with rodents and other larger forms of wildlife during the fall.

Mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels, and other animals begin to realize that the temperatures are dropping, and they begin to look for warm places to call home, which could mean your home.

During the fall, our pest control specialists pay extra close attention to potential entry points around the exterior of your home. Since, during the fall, your home is more vulnerable to larger pests, we will look for any holes, cracks, vents, and sills that could enable these critters to make their way inside. Many of these pests are very creative when it comes to finding ways in, but thanks to our many years of experience, we are familiar with all of their strategies and will help you eliminate any susceptible entry points.

Of course, during the fall season, we will also look for signs that you have any insect problems. Our pest control professionals will provide any necessary targeted treatments that will effectively and safely control and prevent these types of pest infestations as well.

Addressing Pests That Have Reached the Interior of Your Home 

Our fall inspections will also encompass the inside of the home, where we will look closely for signs that you already have an infestation. If there is a problem already, we will implement our System III interior pest treatments that are safe and have little to no odor, making them non-invasive, and often not even noticeable, for you and your family.

We will also help you rid your home of nuisance wildlife and rodents that have already worked their way into your home. As an ecofriendly pest control company, Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” will implement humane strategies to capture and remove these pests before they are able to do any further damage to your house.

If you already have a wildlife problem in your house, it is important to make changes in order to discourage these animals from returning to your property in the future. Our experience pest control specialists can examine your property to determine elements that may be making your house more attractive to these animals, and make recommendations regarding how you can prevent future infestations.

Keeping Your House Protected From Pests All Year Long

Throughout the entire year, the residents of Mississippi and Louisiana face a myriad of different pest control problems and challenges. That is why Presto-X “Formerly Fischer” provides quarterly pest prevention services. This program allows us to visit our clients once every season in order to address common pest issues that are prevalent during that time of the year; this includes giving homeowners the peace of mind that they will not be sharing their house with rodents and other troublesome pests this fall.

Tips for keeping pests out of your home this fall In Louisiana & Mississippi

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