Top 3 June Lawn Concerns

June 14, 2017By

It’s a beautiful spring day, and your lawn has been growing like crazy. You hope you’re doing everything you need to keep your lawn healthy, but what should you look for?

Here are the top 3 things to prevent, treat, or maintain in June.

1. Brown Patch

Brown patch is everywhere this time of year! You may think your lawn needs water, but this symptom is actually caused by a fungus called Rhizoctonia solani. It’s most serious on centipede grass and St. Augustine grass and starts to grow at temperatures above 60 degrees. Since fungus thrives in wet environments, all the recent rain and warmth have kicked off this unsightly growing season – 80-85 degrees is this fungi’s favorite temperature.

Fischer Environmental can treat brown patch, and help you find ways to prevent it on your lawn.

2. Fertilize

Grass growing season is just about to kick into high gear, so now is the time to feed your lawn. Every kind or grass has different needs – Fischer can help you determine if it’s time to fertilize, the best choice for your yard, and how often you need to add nutrients to your lawn.

3. What on earth is “top dressing?”

Another June lawn maintenance chore is top dressing. This is a great way to keep your lawn healthy by applying a thin layer of sand across the top of the lawn. It smooths the surface, helps encourage healthy decomposition, and helps protect new growth.

This may sound complicated, but Fischer Environmental are experts in seasonal lawn maintenance. To ensure a happy, healthy, and lush lawn this summer and year-round, call Fischer Environmental to take care of your lawn so you can simply enjoy.

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