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When to Call Wildlife Control by Fischer Environmental in New Orleans, SE Louisiana & Mississippi

Raccoons and Armadillos Cause Property Damage

Raccoons are nomadic, but only within a marked territory. Raccoons do not dig or make nests, but prefer to mark locations, remembering them as available shelters. They will sleep in abandoned burrows, the crooks of trees, empty crawl spaces, underneath porches, and within attics. Raccoons roam around in rural or urban areas, finding food where they can and scouting new locations. Raccoons will eat almost anything, including insects, fruit, vegetables, and small animals, if necessary. They are also notorious for raiding garbage cans.

Because armadillos burrow for food and also for shelter, they can become quickly problematic in a backyard or property. Given that adults do not share burrows, a single female armadillo can create (through her offspring) up to eight other burrows within a season! Armadillos do not bite, sting, or otherwise harm humans, but they can ruin a well-landscaped yard in a matter of months.

Raccoons Can Spread Disease

Raccoons are notorious “backyard bandits”, rummaging through garbage cans, popping kiddie pools, and generally causing mayhem. They can also carry diseases and bacteria, and can be a serious concern if they frequent a property of backyard. They are primarily nocturnal creatures, although nursing mothers can roam during daylight hours for food or shelter. Daylight behavior is not a good indication of rabies, but foaming at the mouth, erratic movements, and distress are solid indication that the animal is affected.

When Should I Call an Wildlife Removal Expert?

As soon as regular attendance becomes evident. Raccoons, armadillos, and opossums won’t hesitate to mark your backyard as a “safe” location for them to sleep, eat, or rest in. Our team will not only remove the wildlife, but also create a barrier that protects your home against future invasions of raccoons, armadillos, or other outdoor pests. Contact Fischer Environmental to schedule your next appointment today.

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